Stonewall's Letter to Mauro Garza re: Protest the Pegasus Nightclub

Stonewall’s official statement to Mr. Mauro Garza, owner of Pegasus Nightclub, transcribed below:

September 11, 2019

Mr. Mauro Garza

1402 N. Main Avenue

San Antonio, Texas 78212

Dear Mr. Garza:

Recently you announced your candidacy for the Republican nomination to the 20th Congressional District of Texas. As an openly gay man who has relied on the decades of support from the LGBT community- your alignment with a platform which is anti-LGBT is questionable at best.

While running for political office elevates your profile, your desire for attention shouldn’t be in support of a party which espouses such dangerous and divisive rhetoric. With your business facing economic sanctions and your political viability bleak- take this opportunity to keep what good name you have left and denounce the racism, xenophobia, misogyny, and homophobia championed by your Republican peers.

If you have a conscience- you would disavow the President’s policies regarding transgender persons. If you can’t see the personal and real connection that this issue has to you- simply walk around your own business tonight and look at the faces you are working to oppress.

You have an opportunity to be a leader and not a traitor. Think about the long-term damage you will create for your own civil liberties and those of your neighbors, customers, and your own child. The policies you are supporting are not only hateful, but they are un-American.

We demand that you disavow the President and Republican party’s discriminatory policies and platform towards our LGBT neighbors and their families immediately.

For Equality-

Cynthia Benton, Co-Chair

Christopher Forbrich, Co-Chair

You may download a copy of the letter here.