SDSA 2019 Candidate Endorsements

Today the Stonewall Democrats of San Antonio (SDSA) held a candidate forum and endorsement meeting for the upcoming San Antonio municipal elections. SDSA is a political action committee that educates the public and elected officials on issues of concern to the LGBTQIA community and advocates on behalf of the LGBTQIA community.

All candidates for mayor and all 10 council districts were invited to participate in the forum.
To be eligible to speak at the forum all candidates were required to complete and submit an online questionnaire by 7 pm Friday, March 1, 2019. Any candidate who did not submit a questionnaire by the deadline was allowed to attend and mingle with the membership but not formally address the membership or be eligible for endorsement.

During the forum segment of the meeting, 30 candidates briefly introduced themselves and explained their priorities and vision for San Antonio. Each candidate was afforded the opportunity to answer questions from attending members of SDSA.

After all candidates spoke, the candidates and guests were asked to leave the room. The remaining membership then discussed, debated and voted for endorsement on candidates for all offices.
Stonewall Democrats endorsed:
Mayor: Ron Nirenberg
District 1: Roberto Treviño
District 2: Jada Andrews-Sullivan
District 3: No endorsement
District 4: No endorsement
District 5: Shirley Gonzales
District 6: Melissa Cabello-Havrda
District 7: Ana Sandoval
District 8: Manny Pelaez
District 9: John Courage
District 10: Linda Montellano